Definition's Practice has been started

Hello to everybody!
I have got some synths, so i am trying to get definitions for all of them. Some are presented here, some - do not.
For example, here is Korg Opsix, but there’s no Korg Wavestate/Modwave/Kronos 2.
When compared manuals for DSI Evolver and (mine) DSI Poly Evolver - they seem to be identical in their definitions. So, it is good.
I am going on with it, so please… let’s start conversation?

What do you want to talk about? Creating custom definitions is simple enough. The hardest part is abbreviating the CC name to eight characters in a useful and consistent way. When you’re done, post them here. :slight_smile:

Definition files do work weird or does not work. Hydrasynth, for example - does not work totally. I can sequence notes, but i can not control filters…

Is your Hydrasynth set to allow incoming CC messages in the menu? A few synths have this disabled by default and you have to enable it.

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Possible major lightbulb moment here for me. I was getting major frustration trying to control some basic CC parameters on my Hydrasynth and, as my first foray into CC control, I had figured there was something beyond my grasp and kind of gave up. Thank you!

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