Definition file for track with MIDI and CV

How would I format a definition file to include CV output as well as midi output? I am able to do it manually through TRACK>CHANNEL, but it conflicts with my definition file for that track. Just wanted to add CV on top of my current config(USB 11) in the definition file.

Bump, has anyone successfully written a definition file where it includes both a midi port and cv as output?

I don’t think this is supported.

you’d be best to contact Squarp via the contact form to discuss this as a feature request.
(try to give them a good example of what you would like to do and why)

Thanks, sent a request. Would be nice to be able to write the definition as

Name: Modbrane
Out: B + CV
Channel: 10

Which I could send note and cc on midi out B channel 10 and v/oct and gate and velocity over cv env and gate all on the Modbrane track.

Please please please!

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