Decksaver style cover

Hi all,

Loving my Pyramid but I’m looking for a way to keep it safe. Does anyone know of a Decksaver style cover that fits the Pyramid? Do Squarp have any plans to make one of their own with the logo on top? Now that would be cool!

Cheers all, Craig


I cover my setup with a large cloth flag.

I would love a decksaver cover…they look classy and provide a lot of protection. I’m going to inquire about it. I encourage all of you to email decksaver and ask. If they get enough requests they will likely make one. :slight_smile:

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Me too. Emailed Decksaver. Fingers crossed.

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Decksaver replied to my email request back in May, with

Thank you for your email and interest in Decksaver.
We have this unit on the development list to produce a cover for in the near future!
Kind regards, Decksaver Team

Good to their word, it’s available now. :slight_smile:

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So stoked that we finally have a Decksaver for the Pyramid. It was a long time coming. It’s perfect for keeping dust and whatnot off of the device while its hooked up and stationary, but I’ve found that it’s a pretty loose fit that doesn’t stay in place too well when transporting the unit.

For anyone who is searching for a complementary solution for protecting the Pyramid while traveling, I found a case that does the job in a pinch. Analog Cases makes a case that I believe is designed to hold a Digitakt or Digitone plus its adapter and cords. I think its called the Pulse (it was a gift so I’m not 100% on the model name - it’s just a rectangular semi-hard shell zippered case that says Analog Cases on the front). Anyway, it’s a tight fit, but I’m able to fit my Pyramid in there (even with its Decksaver on) and zip it all up securely. Its tight enough that the case has to be stretched and distorted slightly to get it to zip, so its not exactly ideal but it definitely gets the job done. And the result is a reasonably compact package that can then be tossed into whatever gig bag with other gear with a lot more peace of mind than if I’m just hoping the decksaver stays in place while in transit.

If anyone knows of any other cases that fit the Pyramid well and are good for travel / gigging, please let us know. I always think that accessories for the Maschine seem like good candidates but then I check the dimensions and my hopes are a little dashed.