CV Voltage off?

I am struggling with the Hapax and the CV out. The problem I am having is that the note I play is exactly one half-step flat. I can use an initialized patch on the Hapax, set a track to use CV out and live play a C and it registers on my tuner as a B. I can swap out the Hapax for a KeyStep pitch out and it plays a C as expected.

I don’t see a facility in the Hapax to tune, but I am curious if anyone else has run into the issue of the CV voltage from the Hapax being a half-step flat?

Someone has already asked about cv calibration and it’s on the list ……

I’ve not noticed this but not checked all tracks.
Also I tune my oscillators to the cv, so an offset is not an issue

Scaling would be, and that seems ok from what I’ve seen so far.

Thanks for your reply… In my case, I’m using a synth voice (deckard’s voice) which doesn’t have a tuning feature, but instead has a “detune” slider. I can use the “detune” there to go +/- one half step, so I am running it at max detune (positive).

Oh really … that’s unusual in eurorack to not have a master tune , as there is not actually a standard that dictates if 0v = C4 or A440 , I’ve seen both.

Yes, it is unusual, however, the KeyStep into the Deckard’s Voice is spot-on. Also, the Hapax is a half-step flat within just 1 or 2 cents…

yeah, this things all need calibration options… as cv is always going to be a bit out due to manufacturing tolerances… its just missing for v1, Im sure they’ll have it in soon enough.
(its present on both hermod and pyramid)

i this just doable by a software update ?
if yes, is that 100% granted

Yup Squarp told me calibration will be in the next update.


Good News, thanks !

Meanwhile, I am guessing that you would be able to use perhaps the Harmonizer fx to fix the halfstep: Set Origin to off and activate a +1 note.

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Brilliant! Hadn’t thought of that, it should work!