CV rec is broken on 1.61 on my Hermod

I have CV rec working on 1.40, but on 1.50, 1.60 and latest 1.61 it is not working. I have a unit bought in 2017 when Hermod was released, bought it directly from the Squarp store. I believe it was the unit from the first batch. Anyone have this issue?

you sure you’re on 1.61 and not still on 1.60? cv rec was broken on 1.60 for me, but the 1.61 update solved it and its been working great since then i think.

I’ve double checked that this occurs on 1.61. Just now I’ve downloaded a firmware file from the squarp hemodOS page and checked that hermod shows 1.61 during the startup. CV REC is not working and it is a huge bummer for me. I’ve dropped a message via support page and still got no reply.

Are you using an old Project? I noticed that CV in for modulation is messed up on my old project made in 1.60. I made a new project in 1.61 and am getting expected behavior. It could be that pre 1.61 projects won’t work :frowning:

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