CV Gate Sh-101 Repeat Note Issues

Hi, :wave:

I am new Pyramid owner. Absolutely loving the box and the amazing community, I am a avid reader.

I have an issue I am hoping someone might be able to help me with. I have a SH-101 connected to the Pyramid. I am running CV Gate from the Pyramid to the 101 and then CV Gate back to the Pyramid from the 101. This works really well and lets me use the keyboard and sequences the synth. FYI When you plug in CV and Gate into the 101 it disconnects the keyboard.

The issue I am having is on a double note. The first time I press a note the note plays, the second time I press the same note, the note doesn’t play. I have looked at the CV messages coming in, and the Pyramid receives both the CV and the Gate for each press. However, when pressing the key a second time, the CV is passed out, but not the gate. If in love mode, the gate is also not recorded.

Oddly, if I reverse the polarity of the gate, the Pyramid will play a second note. This is no use though as the not plays on release and not on press. I have also tried running the note out information as midi and into a Kenton Pro Solo and the behaviour is the same.

I am not sure if I have an issue with settings, or if this is an issue with the 101, or a bug. I have noticed the gate voltage is not perfectly 0 - 5V. Is anyone else running into a similar problem with CV and Gate input into the Pyramid.

Many thanks


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