CV Double Note Issues


I raised this issue in a previous post, that when you press the same key twice using CV inputs on the Pyramid, the second gate is note recorded.

  1. Enter live mode, press record, press play
  2. Press C3, the note is recorded, and/or plays the desired output (for example CV out to SH-101)
  3. Press C3 a second time in a row, note gate is not recorded nor plays the desired output (for example CV out to SH-101)

Using the CV input monitor I can see each gate coming into the Squarp, but the second gate is not sent when viewing the CV output monitor.

I have recently purchased an Electron Analog Keys and I am getting the same behaviour if I use this keyboard as the CV controller. I have submitted bug reports to Squarp outlining this issue and hopefully, it will be fixed.

I am really interested to know if anyone using CV input to the Squarp is having the same issues? There seem to be people using the Squarp with Modular gear.

Anyway, the issue is replicable and is reported, in case anyone is seeing strange behaviours with CV and Gate being recorded in the Pyramid.

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