Custom scales / excluding notes from quantiser

Hi everyone

I’ve been having great fun playing with randomness to create melodies recently however I am running into some challenges that I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for. For the sake of completeness, my process is something along the lines of:

  • Record some chords into track 5, which uses midi to control an external polyphonic synth
  • On track 2, use the random function to create some notes for my melody
  • Add a scales effect to track 2 and use that to quantise the random notes

There problem is that the scale options, although pretty exhaustive, still pop some notes in which at that particular moment in the chord progression sound quite out of place.

It strikes me that the best thing to do is to use an external quantiser that has an ability to select specific notes (e.g Intellijel Scales, Tiptop Quantizer, or something similar) however I want to make sure I’m not missing some sort of Hermod feature or trick that I’m not aware of first.

there is no way to have custom scales - you could create a feature request for this via squarp.

one other possibility that could work is to feed one scale fx into another on a single track
scale -> scale

if you use stick = filter, then the resulting output would be the subset of the two scales selected.
(you can also use up/down, but that needs a bit more ‘brain work’ to know what the outcome will be :wink: )


Thanks Technobear, I thought as much. I will put in a feature request but it strikes me as quite a large feature for Squarp to add and would require a new UI to implement (I think) so I won’t hold out much hope.

My music theory knowledge is basic, so I don’t think I have the mental capacity to work out what particular 2 scales I would need to intersect in order to get what I want.

Music theory + set theory at the same time? I think I’ll just get a quantizer :laughing:

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