Custom Micro tuning

Hi Jean and others of the team,
What do you think about implementing a kit for make a custom micro tuning inside Pyramid, I thinking for the intere Tracks on a project level…so on every song we open we can make a custom tuning for…
Let me know what do you think…


Another thought on that: While it might a lot of work, implenting a Hermode tuning mode could be a pretty amazing addition to the OS. Briefly, Hermode tuning is an adaltive tuning system that slightly retunes notes to bring chords into correct mathematical alignment, adjusting 3rds, 5ths, and 7ths so that they correct align with the roots and extensions, kind of like classical tunings, but not reliant upon a single key center.

So it would involve sending pitch bend CCs along with note on and off commands, which might seem like a lot of extra midi info, but the sonic pay off is immense. Food for thought.

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Hermode tuning on Hermod, c’mon guys :slight_smile:


In my opinion, microtuning is best handled on the sound source, not on a MIDI sequencer.


Disagree, if it’s an adaptive tuning. A sound source may be only getting part of the notes, and will not retune to correctly harmonically align with the other sources. Say for example pads, bass and lead on different synths. Only the sequencer would have the full harmonic picture.

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Yes I mean like a custom scale tool but much more deep, the Hermode Tuning is very interesting…

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