Creating new sequences

Hi, recently I noticed something I’m hoping is just a setting. Let’s say I have 12 of 16 tracks filled and I go and make a few sequences of the different mute states. Then I go in and add a new track on one of the sequences. I’ve noticed that any new track created after already created sequences, is now playing in all all of the already created sequences and I have to go back in and turn this track off in all the sequences I don’t want it on.

To me, I would think that if I create a new track it would only be in the sequence I just created it in and not automatically go into all the sequences.

Curious if I’m missing something or there’s a function to correct this?

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The reason why it doesn’t do the thing that you are expecting is because you’ve created a new track… but that tracks default state isn’t muted in every seq you have. Sequences are collections of mute states… So if you create a new track the mute state is going to be off for it (i.e. putting out sound). This will apply for every sequence… If it’s a new track it’s default state will be to play, and so you will have to select every sequence you have, and mute it in the ones you don’t want it to play in.

To sum it up… If you create a new track… it’s in every sequence. because all tracks are in every sequence. and the only thing that makes it so you do or don’t hear a track in a sequence is its mute state.


This is a new composing device for me so I’m still getting use to it but it seems a bit awkward to have to turn off a new track in already made sequences. I guess the work around is turn on a bunch of sequences and then mute them at the beginning.

I think it just takes an understanding of what the sequences are composed of in relation to planning the track, as well as muscle memory of how to do a specific thing quickly and without thought if one has need to.

You have a maximum of 32 sequences. if you have a sequence for every slot and you create a new track you only have to mute that new track a maximum of 31 times. probably far less in practice… not that big a deal if you know how to mute a track really quickly.

I sure wish that Squarp would double it to 64 sequences, considering that each sequence is a collection of mute states and patterns, if such are implemented on a track.
32 combinations of patterns, tracks, mute states and transpositions isn’t actually all that much, especially for a whole set of music. It’s ok for a track or two, but in a live situation you can burn through that pretty quickly.

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I tend to view a pyramid project as a single track or musical piece. So, for a complete set; yes it would be a bit limited.

Seems like I may just need a second one to pick up the slack.

This doesn’t sound right.

A track will be present in all sequences by definition, but they should be muted by default, and changing the tracks mute state in one sequence does not affect that of the other sequences.

The only way I can imaging something like this happening is that you first created and enabled empty tracks on a sequence and then newly created sequences each inheriting this default on setting, and when you add actual content to tracks, it plays on all sequences. That would explain what you’re seeing I think, but it’d also seem like a peculiar workflow.

How are you creating new sequences, just switching to new one or explicitly copying existing ones? Just wondering if there’s a difference (and/or a bug) in there someplace.

Hi Pmatilai, first I’m still learning. I’ve been an MPC user since the 90’s but I just wanted to change up my studio. So I could definitely be doing something in incorrect. But what seems to be happening is that any new track I create after my sequences have been set, automatically adds to all of my already made sequences. This just goes against my workflow as I make very intricate compositions using more than 16 midi channels. I suppose that after a while I’ll get use to it but it just seems to me that if you set up a sequence, that should be the sequence and that any additional tracks would be added to the sequence I am currently working on. I continue to write songs after my sequences are created so it’s very confusing to have to go back and mute those tracks. I’ll analyze this a bit today and see what’s happening.

Definitely my biggest wish for a next update!