Copying/pasting events

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(first post, just purchased a Pyramid and loving it)

Before submitting a feature request, here is my use case:
Recording/composing multiple instruments on a single track (Expl drums), then splitting it down to several tracks.

Actual behavior:
In step mode, copy copies all pages events no matter which page display Poly or Mono mode.

Expected behaviour :
Copy copies all events in Poly mode. Copy copies only selected events in Mono mode.

But maybe there is another way/work around to achieve the same (in less steps than copying all events and deleting all unwanted ones


(this is details here in the manual, copy paste steps)

I assume you are using 2nd+copy
this is intended to copy all notes from one track to another.
(manual states explicity, this will copy all notes even in poly mode)

if you wish to do selective copying, then you

hold 2nd+copy
select notes to be copied , by holding first note pad, then last note pad - release
you will see range ‘flash’
release 2nd+copy.

if your notes are spread over multiple pages, then zoom out.


Thanks thetechnobear!

Indeed and me shamefull…

you’re welcome… we all had to start at the beginning.
we are happy to help and point you in the right direction here :slight_smile:

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