Copy/Paste behaviour in Seq mode

Would it be possible to have other Copy/Paste behaviour in SEQ Mode?
Copy/Paste should also work on the Pattern level, right now patterns are assigned automatically depending on the Sequence ID, for all the tracks.
In other words if i copy/paste a sequence, booth should be identical by default.


I think you have to turn auto pattern off in misc settings so as to not create a new pattern for each seq that is selected

Thanks kraftf,
yes i know, but i work mostly with patterns.
Normally with different amount of patterns per track.

Ahh, now i got it, and it works as it should, thanks

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Not working for me, how did you solve it? I have autopattern off, but when I copy a sequence, all tracks revert to pattern 1. I know it says in the manual that only mute states are copied, but how do you copy complete sequences then?

Umm weird, i remember i’ve check it with different patterns and it worked, but maybe i’m wrong and this is the default behaviour when autopattern is off.
unfortunatelly i can’t check it until june, maybe someone can do it.

What seems to happen is that the paste sequence will get the pattern set in the active sequence and not the copied sequence.

I’m able to reproduce it at will using the following steps:

  • Ensure Auto Pattern is set to off in the Settings
  • Create a track with 3 patterns (1, 2 & 3).
  • Create a sequence with pattern 1 selected
  • Copy sequence 1 to sequence 2: sequence 2 will use pattern 1 as expected
  • Modify sequence 2 to use pattern 2
  • Ensure sequence 2 is active
  • Copy sequence 1 to sequence 3:
    sequence 3 will use pattern 2, instead of pattern 1.

I raise the issue to the Squarp team through and I’ll update this thread once I got their feedback.

Quick follow-up, Squarp get back to me and they confirmed that it was not an intended behaviour.
No date for the fix but it’s on their todo list.

Until then, just make sure you activate the sequence you want to copy first.
Not great for live performance but at least that a workaround in the studio.