Copy/Paste behaviour in Seq mode


Would it be possible to have other Copy/Paste behaviour in SEQ Mode?
Copy/Paste should also work on the Pattern level, right now patterns are assigned automatically depending on the Sequence ID, for all the tracks.
In other words if i copy/paste a sequence, booth should be identical by default.



I think you have to turn auto pattern off in misc settings so as to not create a new pattern for each seq that is selected


Thanks kraftf,
yes i know, but i work mostly with patterns.
Normally with different amount of patterns per track.


Ahh, now i got it, and it works as it should, thanks


Not working for me, how did you solve it? I have autopattern off, but when I copy a sequence, all tracks revert to pattern 1. I know it says in the manual that only mute states are copied, but how do you copy complete sequences then?


Umm weird, i remember i’ve check it with different patterns and it worked, but maybe i’m wrong and this is the default behaviour when autopattern is off.
unfortunatelly i can’t check it until june, maybe someone can do it.