Copied track can't change midi channel

Say I want to double a track with a synth on a different channel- I’d copy that track and paste it on a new track, then change the new tracks midi channel to the desired destination, right? No, it doesn’t seem to work this way… The new pasted track is locked on the channel of the copied track no matter how hard I twist (don’t worry I’m gentle). Is this just a bug in my unit or what?

ps I’ve only had mine for about a week so forgive me if im overlooking something simple:)

edit: I was able to change channel destinations on pasted tracks in a new session without issue and have been able to ever since. Perhaps the session I was working on at the time was a little buggy.

Based on what I read in the online manual, it appears as though everything is copied - track settings, notes, automations and effects. If it’s true that you can’t edit after copying, I could see that being very limiting.

I did the same process with mine recently and have encountered an error screen saying to contact support regarding the issue. So I wonder if it may be addressed in the new OS3 released next month.

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I can copy/paste tracks and change the channel just fine. both with sequencer stopped and playing (some parameter such as PC can’t be altered when playing it seems). What are the steps you’re you’re taking?

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That’s interesting, so far I’ve been able to send PC with ease on any type of track, whether or not the sequencer is running.

I’m just copying a track (lets say an 8 bar pad with a few pattern variations and effects) and pasting it to a new track. Now on my new track, via track mode- I’m attempting to change the tracks midi channel essentially sending the same track data to a new instrument.

I have no issue changing a tracks output channel unless the track has been created using the track copy/paste feature. It seems like this is just a bug in my OS, unless I’m doing something wrong… I’ve been wrong before, but I honestly doubt I’m missing something here:slight_smile:

I’ve felt limited by it more than a few times. I usually just zoom out copy all my notes and paste them on a new track as a work around. It just takes about triple the amount of time.

Hopefully the update will fix the issue!