Copied page is lost and can't be pasted

OS 2.3. Note step mode.
Simple 8 bar, 4/4 track

I want to move bar 3 to position 7 so I do these steps:-

  1. make sure I am in mono edit mode.
  2. go to page 3 and hit 2nd and copy.
  3. delete everything on page 3.
  4. hit 2nd and paste to make sure the copy comes back ok. Delete it again.
  5. zoom out and move bars 4 through 6 one page left leaving bar 7 empty.
  6. zoom back to *4
  7. Go to page 7 which is now empty
  8. Hit 2nd and paste.

Nothing happens. Somewhere between steps 4 and 8 my copied page is discarded.

Copying and pasting a page is a fundamental scenario.

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I think that as soon as you do step 3. delete everything on page 3, you loose your clipboard content.
( I suppose )
maybe you should paste immediately to page 7

Thanks for replying Stanoc.

My step 5 should have read “zoom out and move bars 4 through 7 one page left leaving bar 7 empty”.

So you see with your suggestion is I would overwrite the contents of page 7 which I don’t move out of the way until step 5.

Also, I know that the clipboard is preserved after step 3 because I test that in step 4.

My guess is that the memory used to keep the copied page is cleared and reused at step 5 when I move bars 4 through 6 to the left. This is unfortunate as there are many obvious scenarios where one wants to move steps left and right in preparation for pasting something copied earlier.

sorry. My answer was given too early :wink:

maybe step 4 clears the clipboard
( you paste it - you loose it
or maybe the deletion ) ?
just to say

It isn’t the paste or the deletion that clears it. I have tested that. I suspect the horizontal move unfortunately.

I just ran into the same problem and my conclusion is that it’s the paste that’s failing.
the clipboard isn’t empty - if you zoom to the level of the notes of origin you can infact paste the step back in. (lets’ say you copied a 16th note you need to be on a zoom level that displays at least 16th in order to paste it)
this seems a major oversight and I wouldn’t expect this to be fixed… makes juggling microbeats pretty tedious though.
if you have 4 bars of 4/4 populated with 64th notes and you want to copy everything you’ll need to repeat the copy paste 16times