Controller synth triggering itself on the wrong track?

Hi Everyone,

Today I noticed a strange issue where my controller synth (a model d reissue) will trigger itself even when I am playing on a different track, but only when it’s also being triggered from its own track.

To illustrate, the model d is sending and receiving midi on channel 6, which is on track 1 and I have a micromonsta on channel 5 (track 2). Track 1 is playing (say, 4 quarter notes of C3 (yes, it’s a boring song!)) and the minimoog is playing what it should. I switch to track 2 to play my micromonsta and as I do so, the minimoog also plays, but new notes are only triggered when track 1 sends midi on channel 6. The notes from track 1 are also played.

If I mute track 1 and play on track 2, the minimoog does not make any sound, which is expected. This also confirms that Local Control is properly off on the minimoog because otherwise it would play in this case.

I tried to monitor the “midi output” in the info section of the settings and it was hard to see, but it doesn’t look like there are any extra notes being sent on channel 6.

I cannot test this with another keyboard/synth since my only other keyboard synth is a minibrute on which I cannot disable local control easily.

I’m afraid there’s something wrong with my minimoog, but I thought I would see if anyone here has experienced anything similar first.