Consolidate doesn't write out the notes?

hello all.

was hooooping the Consolidate feature would work sort of like looping back the MIDI output from a Pyramid track and record it down. so that you would end up with an editable version of whatever the MIDI Effects are doing on that channel.

ie - put an Arp and a Chance on a Track, set it to 16 bars, Consolidate it down to a new Track, have that pattern written out note for note.

it looks like there is no way to do this without external interfacing? is it planned?

that would be AWESOME.

? thats exactly what it does?

not quite sure what you mean…

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lol. had a whole thing written out then just went and tried it again and… i’m an idiot. dunno what i was doing wrong the first time, but was SOMETHING.

works a charm. just as expected.