Connecrion Pyramid with Motu 128 xt

Hello. I would like to connect 2 motu 128 xt to the Pyramid out and a master to the in. to the motu I have connected all my synths and I would like to synchronize them and control them with Pyramid and the master. Is it possible by connecting the 2 out Pyramid with 2 in of Motu and in of Pyramid with out of the master? Thank you!

The pyramid has 2 outputs , and 1 input…
so sure, you can connect both of its outputs to inputs on your midi interface - and one of the outputs to the pyramid’s input.
beyond that, i.e. how you use the other outputs of your midi interface (i.e. routing from the pyramids outs to the other out) is a funcion of your midi interface…

sorry, Im not really sure what you are asking.

pyramid goes into whatever inputs you want. The motu’s are super flexible and you can program any routing you want, though you’ll probably want to go to a motu forum for that. I have a motu that i use as an interface and it works fine, but i’m not using anything fancy. Also, I hear the motu xt’s can have weird clock skew, though i’ve never confirmed that myself.

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