Confused about ho to trigger MIDI record commands on Aeros Looper

So, I have my MIDI transport working that starts the Aeros looper and stops it no problem, like any sequencer that’s receiving clock and a start command.

But I just learned the looper can be controlled with MIDI commands, which makes starting and stopping recording perfect for perfectly cut loops like the Octatrack.

How do I place a CC command or a certain number and value on the Pyramid sequencer timeline? Is that how it’s done? By placing a #CC and a value at the first step of a sequence at the highest zoom resolution so it triggers the aeros to start immediately?

For example “Record New Track” is CC 41 Value 0.

How does one go about controlling a device with midi CC? I’m completely oblivious to this. Help a friend in need if you find a moment, thank you.

Dude. Thats totes in the manual. Like, explicitly.

Step Mode → CC Messages Step Mode

Thanks for directing me, I’ll read that section. I’m definitely not a manual avoider, I have it open on my computer all day, sometimes an area of focus is diffucult to locate, or I have difficulty, either way, sorry.

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