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Hello all
I am pretty set on getting a squarp pyramid but since im the only guy who works with analogue gear in my area, I was wondering if you can confirm my setup since I have some conundrums about it as the Piramid is a big investment for me. Currently I intend to use.
Roland tr8 aira
Roland tb3 aira
Roland Jd-xi
Volca Bass

The way I envisioned it, is to have each instrument its dedicated midi channel the Jd Xi offcourse having 4. (Il need a 5 trough midi kenton device for it but thats no issue)

Now I would like to record all of my previous patterns onto the squarp pyramid and then chain them together in the scene mode.

So my question is: can I automate my drum parts with variations like drum fills
Into whats infamously reffered to as a song mode with the mute/unmute option? I would like to have a dedicated drum bank and mix and match The JD-Xi and Tr8 drums by exchanging patterns between the two. Hopefully I can finaly record some songs and actually perform them instead of just sketching out demoes.

To your question: yes.

But not right I am sure.
Give it some time, I suggest, learn pyramid’s logic. It is very powerful with its own personality so to speak.

Not a Roland, not an oktatrack.

See topics from yesterday. One was discussing lot of how to.

Enjoy the journey and all the best

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