Compatible PSU for Squarp Hapax shipping from the US?

Hey :wave:
I am looking to get a second PSU for the Hapax. I know the official squarp store has them but shipping to the US seems excessive. Do you know of an alternative PSU that works or if the official one is sold in the US?
I know ripcord has a 15V but seems that it delivers less Wattage? Has anyone tried that out?

I will use the multimeter before plugin it but should this one work?

No, that is a 12V PSU, and Hapax expects 15V.

Your PSU should have the following characteristics:

  • 15V
  • at least 1.2A
  • center positive
  • plug center pin : 2.0 mm
  • plug outer diameter: 5.50mm
  • plug length > 9.0mm

For reference, the female DC jack we use is the CUI Devices PJ-202A.

Thanks Thibault :smile: