Choke/Exclusion groups in Drum Mode?

I am wondering if there is a way to assign certain drum lanes to the same “choke group.” Specifically, as one would expect, to the CH and OH.
Or is this something that only works from the actual hardware you are controlling.
On my Blackbox, I can set that on there, and it works.
But on my Tr-06, when I control it from the Hapax, I don’t get the same choke group behavior that I get when playing the TR-06 alone.
Wondering if there is a hack, or something glaringly obvious that I missed in the manual.
The TR-06 is super fun with the HAPAX, especially when assign CCs to the 8 hapax knobs, btw.

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Not sure Choke would work, as it’s used for cutting off a sound before it has finished, whereas the Hapax is just sending MIDI triggers.

If you are triggering the TR06, the choke of the TR06 should work, so if you play OH and then CH straight afterwards, it would ‘choke’ the OH sound.

I’ll give it a closer listen. It sounded to me like the open hats were ringing over the closed, but maybe it was an aural illusion.
I was thinking there could be a way to do it via midi, like treating OH/CH as if they were on the same note or something?
But hopefully my ears were just tricking me, and the TR-06 is actually still doing it…

it may be a TR-6 setting issue? (programming patterns on my RD-9 in step mode to trigger its drum sounds externally, HH chokes work as intended for me)

Yeah, I’m going to take a look/listen to the TR-06 tonight. I think I could’ve accidentally turned off the “Highhat link” function on the TR-06. Wouldn’t be the first time thats happened.
Would still be interesting to figure out a way to do this via midi on the Hapax, but very specific and unlikely use case…

Just to follow up. The TR-06 does indeed maintain it’s choke groups even when externally sequenced. I think I just wasn’t using a tightly high hatted enough pattern to notice…