Changing track length live: not in time?

Is it normal when playing with variable track length per beat (TRACK + LEGNTH + main rotary encoder), things are not always very tight?

Looks like this function is quantised to the beat in a way, but especially when turning the dial a little bit early or after the beat, makes the change in time signature feel sloppy sometimes, notes coming too early or too late.

Don’t know if the track length function is intended to be played live or not (it’s fun to do!) but if so, then it’s not alway very tight when changing per beat.

In this particular case, Pyramid is connected via USB to a MB Pro 2011 using Ableton Live 9.7 (for quick testing).


When you change the track length, Pyramid update the player position, so sometimes the player jump to an other position.

thanks for the reply!

so, if I understand well, it’s not really intended for live creative purposes also?

I use track length live. It does jump around, and sometimes cuts the notes off, and we all have to wait a sec for it to get started again… not perfect, but it’s still really fun.

I found that making the track long, and then shortening the length - making it longer in the performance (vs shortening it) causes a lot fewer hiccups. But Then going back to shorter still causes issues unless I’m spot on.
It would be really cool if it didn’t hiccup, or stop, but I always assumed that was just midi transmission getting lame again… not really the Pyramid.

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thanks for the tip,

yeah some kind of beat or bar quantisation on manipulating this parameter would be great though :slight_smile:

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