Changing all patterns at once in Track Mode

Hello y’all.

I’m trying to find my way into a workflow that lets me easily compose A/B/C sections…Kind of Verse/Chorus/Bridge, etc.
Seems like from reading everything I can find in the forum that Patterns are the way to go, yes?
So, for ALL tracks, Pattern 1 would be Verse, Pattern 2 for ALL tracks would be Chorus, etc.

So my question is: How do I change all 16 tracks’ (I haven’t ventured beyond the first page) patterns at once, so I could easily start recording a Chorus part, without having to individually change EVERY track to pattern 2?
Can I change Length, etc, in Bulk like that?
Then when I go into SEQ, how do I select ALL tracks to play Pattern 2 for instance, as I’m chaining my sequences together to form a song?
There’s got to be a way right? Like select all? or just do one and then copy and paste into the rest of the tracks?

Any help is appreciated. Really wanting to move on beyond just muting and unmuting within the same track but it seems so laborious, unless I’m missing something.


For purposes of demo one way I’d try first:
go to setting/misc and allow auto sequencing .
Select which tracks stay unchanged which one will follow the verse, break etc. For every track press 2nd+track and click/unclick the PTN.

Start to experiment how it works .

Press seq so you are in blue button mode, go to seq1 and record what you want to all tracks

Right here if you press the pad 2 for seq2 (or any other) it will repeat all lengths of your tracks within seq1, they’ll be of course empty. There you record the second version you need.

…… and so on

When you finished, start to create individual settings inside each sequence + mutes/unmutes. Anything you change or modify will be saved and the auto mode has no influence after the first initial run. ((If you allow auto sequences later, it won’t work and viceversa, keep in mind))


Try this with only two active tracks, one with auto seq, second without

You can even program the sequences in advance, start looping seqs and just hit record any time you need to add or delete/change anything you wish while the whole project is looping. It will create literally itself.


Thank you for taking the time to respond!
I will try this when I get to my studio.
Question: So, if I allow auto sequencing and then do step 2, does this mean that when I go to a new sequence, it will automatically go to pattern 2 of each track that I’ve enabled patterns for?

Then, if I wanted to change the length of the patterns, say, make my chorus a 64 step pattern, when my verse was a 32 step, is there a way to change those all at once? Or do I have to go in and change each pattern length separately?


@OxOnFord Dude. Thank you. All patterns change, and how easy it is to go back and forth between sequences, different lengths and all. I’ve been trying to figure this out for so long. Or at least tried to figure out a work flow that can allow for “song mode,” for lack of a better term. I guess I just wasn’t asking/thinking about it the right way.
However this workflow is obviously awesome for so much more than traditional verse/chorus/bridge stuff. You could really create some complex stuff!
Still trying to figure out if I can batch edit the length,etc for all 16 tracks, or if I have to change them all separately. Some kind of copy and paste? Not a Huge deal, as some will stay the same anyways from sequence to sequence.
Thanks for this insight. Opens up the Pyramid big time for me.

I am really happy it helped. Just keep going. There are lot of ways to go. I, personally, use only this one now because it is seamless and I usually play kind of question answer selfie style improvisation.

I forgot to mention one more thing: get a double foot pedal with stereo outs to trigger record with foot. Otherwise you have to use your hand and that’s not good.

All the best and get back if you want to send me any music of yours or anything you need


Sweet. I have just a cheap Hosa “mono” footswitch to start stop recording. I also have an FS6 or whatever the Boss double footswitch is. Is there additional capabilities with that?

Quick forum search says yes, 2 functions. Yay.

I’ve got fs6, recommended.

Go to setting/CV pedal and check the options.

Also have a look what is setting/midi in for. You can do stuff remotely with seqs, pads , eucledian and so.

Exactly. The lesson with squarp for me is the change of mindset, point of view.

I can jam unlimitedly now, it took more than a year to figure it out.

And it is different. Good challenge

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