Change velocity on all notes in a pattern at once?

Yea… Is this possible?

Yes, set zoom so that all steps can be viewed on 1 page in step mode, then press record to enter mono editing mode, then hold first step and last step, rotate velocity encoder (3)

Or you can hold record in step mode and rotate 3.

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Ofcourse - did not think to zoom out :slight_smile:
Thanx n’ cheers !!

Actually in step mode, holding the record button before turning any encoder will affect all notes, no need to zoom


I already said it :wink:

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you expect people to read past the first sentence? this is the internet… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Touché !
I actually did read :slight_smile: just that the zoom out is more convinient for me since you then can change just parts or the whole thing, I was a lil pissed off that I didn’t think of this quite obvious solution myself !

PS. You can select multiple notes. Just press and hold the first and last step. Everything between will be selected. This can also be used to copy :wink: