Change kit with CV not MIDI?

Is it possible to change the kit using CV instead of MIDI? Looks like from the manual like CV control is only possible for effects and parameters. I would love to be able to send a trigger from sequential switch to change kits. The equivalent of sending a gate that does the same as sending CC 101 is what I’m looking for.

Hi @drusnoise,

Currently, it is not possible to change kits with CV.
We ruled that out because the continuous nature of CV would imply continuous kit loading, which would put an unbearable amount of strain on the module in terms of computing.

However, using the CV inputs like auxiliary gate inputs to have some CV alternative to CC101 could theoretically be possible. I’ll open a feature-request ticket on your behalf.

FYI, for feature requests, it is preferable to use the designated contact form on our website ( rather than the forum. It helps us use our bug tracking system more effectively.