Chance FX, note length, and positive only

I created a bass line, where each note is 1 bar long. I wanted to create an effect where I could “shorten” the note based on the “Chance” effect. However, the “note length” option only goes in one direction – positive.

I want a condition where my long notes are shortened in half roughly 1 out of 5 times. What I would have done is set the Chance, Note Length FX to be -50% and set the Chance itself to 20%

What if I create the notes to be half-the length I want at the start. Then set the Note Length to +50%, and set the chance to 80%. Will this give me the “long” notes approx 4 out of 5 times? It’s still not perfect, and it’s not the same as an occasional shorter note, because in this workaround the short notes are “standard.”

Will this work? Should I submit a request that note length option on chance be allowed to have a negative percentage?

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Like all Effects, CHANCE acts in real time. It has no way of knowing when a note stops before it receives a MIDI NOTE OFF message. So a negative percentage is not possible, because that would be predicting the future.

Yes. I know it flips the reasoning on its head, but it’s compatible with real time constraints.

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its an interesting use-case.

my first thought was to simply use the ‘unipolar’ solution.
so, to program notes as the shortest possible length, then ‘extend’ up to the maximum.
( a trick often use from unipolar modulation)

however, the issue is in this case, is chance… since a low % means you are always going to get the shortest note length most of the time - rather than the mid length point.

I think the solution @Thibault_Squarp (in a real time context) would be to have a distribution curve for chance… if you imagine a simple bell curve, then in this context, it would make the mid values much more likely… so combined with short notes, would allow this use-case to be solved.

I generally thing using distribution curves on things like chance could be very interesting…quite a step up from simple linear distribution.


Makes sense. I certainly wish I could predict the future…