CC STEP mode Question

Hey Squarpers!

I want to create a smooth ramp from 0 to 127 on CC 72 over 1 BAR.

I understand the default CC step mode as HOLD (meaning it holds the value until another is set)
Are there other CC modes that could accomplish linear ramps and spline curves like the ones shown below?


The best way to achieve this (both the linear and “spline”) right now is to “draw” the automation. In STEP mode go into CC Messages. Press DISP to view the automation. Press and hold REC and “draw” the CC change on the touchpad.
Tip: The track zoom level helps to get more/less into one page here.

Hope this helps :wink:

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Of course the side-effect of drawing or recording automation this way is that you will create a lot of data points, which are really hard to edit afterwards. It would be great to have ( at the very least linear, but curves would be great ) different automation types than just constant.

Specially with the limited memory ( 6000 events roughly ) on the Pyramid, being able to create ramps would be greatly appreciated!


It does help! and it is a great input method - very intuitive and fun. I had overlooked this feature completely. One thing I love about Pyramid is how there is always something new to be discovered

But to o_0’s point, it is the difference between a 2-point definition for a linear ramp, and potentially hundreds of steps programming incremental changes.

I am happy with drawing for now though

I tried drawing the CC7 automation for a “sidechain”-type effect on my Sub37 and it definitely works, but this way (at least working with CC7), having a whole lot of data points, creates a whole lot of noise.
Sometimes this noise sounds good and adds a little something, but at other times it just sounds dirty.
Anyone has some kind of a workaround for this?
For now I just cut the top end with EQ but that limits the sound palette of my sub quite a bit. =(

yes it is not ideal to make automations on the CC7 (especially when there are a lot of data points)
I don’t know the details of the Sub37 MIDI implementation but could you not rather use the CC11 (expression) to control the volume?
these 2 CCs work differently but the CC11 is more flexible (generally) than the CC7 which uses the global volume output (hardware) and thus can cause noises or “jumps” on the output sound.

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