CC step message / quantize issue (skipping notes)

My issue is, I’m using a yamaha reface-cp that doesn’t allow program changes. It does however change sounds via CC message. So I want to put the CC for that on step 1, so that when my sequence plays, the yamaha changes to the desired sound.

This works fine so long as quantize is not enabled in the FX section. If it is enabled, there is an audible skipping sound, like the notes being sent are dropping out when the CC message is being sent. This does not happen if I disable quantize. I tried Consolidating the track and then disabling quantize, but that doesn’t help.

Any thoughts?

It sounds like when Quantize is Enabled, perhaps the Note Event is being sent ahead of the CC. Yes, they are supposed to be on the same beat, but MIDI data is serial (one set of bytes after another). Something has to come first. Unfortunately it’s not the info you want to send first.

Can you create a “Blank” Sequence that does your setups? As in all your CCs (banks, volume, pan, etc), PgmChgs, and other info that you want to guarantee comes before you start the actual song occur in these Tracks. Send that data first, then start your song.

Or, and I havent messed with this yet, in the old days with other sequencers i had to send PgmChg on a lower numbered Track. The Sequencer would always send out the data from lowest Track number up, so all Events that happen on the same Tik would go low Track to high Track.

I havent really looked to see if the Pyramid does this. That might be a better workaround depending on your workflow.

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Thanks, if i understand, you are suggesting to use the SEQ mode to send cc data first (e.g, on SEQ 1), and then begin the song (e.g., on SEQ 2)? if so, i tried this, and it does work. it’s a bit clunky though. because my tracks have to be muted in SEQ 1. this means i can’t use the LOOP function in SEQ mode. I also can’t really use the PLAY function, unless i just chain together a ton of sequences, because the max length of a SEQ is 64 bars. So i think i’m limited to the PERFORM mode in this scenario unless you have other ideas. It will do the trick, but is a bit clunky as I say. At least it works. So, thank you.

FYI, the other idea didn’t seem to work. I tried sending the CC message on track one and moving the Note data to track 16. same issue.

Sorry. I assumed you were using SEQ Mode.

You can achieve the same thing by just Unmuting your Setup Tracks. There are many different ways to work with the Pyramid. I apologise for the assumption.

Basically you just want to send out from the Pyramid your setup data- however your workflow is condigured.

As for the other option, well that also depends on how fast your receiving device can change patches. Sometimes a delay of a few ms is okay. Sometimes it takes more.

A third option is using a MIDI Translator. Of course, unless you already have plans or interest in one, it would be even more clunky.

Sorry, a bit more.
I’m in a similar situation, but honestly I’m creating my own convolutions.

So I had to use a MIDI Monitor to verify the data going out of the Pyramid. I’m trying to just set a few ms delay on the Note Events and I’d swear it worked yesterday. Nevetheless, I had to actually sit down and look at some stuff.

It seems that the Pyramid puts the Note Events before CC Events if they occur on the same Track and on the same tik.

However, putting my CC info one Track before the Note Events (so modulations on Track 01 and Notes on Track 02) then the Pyramid is definitely sending out the CC Events before the Notes.

If you are still experiencing glitching with that scenario (as you noted above), then the problem is that the receiving device needs a bit more time between the CC to tell it to change programs and the first Note - so setting your PgmChgs ahead of time (ie before your song starts) looks like the way to go.


The glitching is still there if I send the CC data on an “earlier” track, though it is maybe somewhat not “as bad”. Is there a way to send cc messages when a project is loaded? I know this works with program changes, but I don’t know how to do it with cc messages. Thanks.

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Yes. I understand that.
You can verify if the CC msg is occuring before the Note Event.

If it is, then the bigger issue is that your receiving device may need more time to change patches which means you may want to find an alternative to making that patch change. This is why i suggested a separate opportunity to set your patches.

Pyramid doesnt have a “send on load” option as far as i know. Sorry.

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