CC Control of Pyramid - Living in Harmony with PyraMIDI

I just tested a thing, and considering I’m much slower than y’all I thought I’d bounce this off you to verify that what I’m concluding from these tests is correct.

If PyraMIDI is set to CH01, then I still can still send CC1-69 on CH2-CH16 and they do not affect PyraMIDI…but I can also direct those to controlling MIDI Fx, etc. Whut?

Granted I find the Pyramid grinds down when sending too many CC’s at once, but this bodes quite well for me if I’m testing this properly.

Anyone confirm?
My test:

  • Turn on PyraMIDI, set to CH01 receive
  • Send CC01 on CH01 to confirm it affects Track01 Mute status
  • Send CC01 on CH02 - it does not affect Track01 Mute status
  • CC01 on CH02 can be Assigned to MIDI Fx
  • Modulating CC01 on CH02 affects MIDI Fx, but not Track Mute
  • Modulating CC01 on CH01 affects Track Mute, but not MIDI Fx

Truly this is one of those “duh” moments for me.
Apologies if this was obvious to everyone else.
Hopefully if another idiot like me picks up a Pyramid and wants to do some major CC control of the unit they find this post.