CC control of midi effects of multiple tracks at once


Using the modmatrix, i have mapped CC messages to various parameters of effects on 2 tracks. But the CC messages only reacts to effect parameters of the selected track on the Hermod.

Is it not possible control parameters of several tracks at once??

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Set the tracks to the same midi channel?

I’m very interested in the same topic!

I have a Novation Launch Control XL

And I want to assign the 3 knobs and slider ( 4 midi controls ) of each 8 columns to 4 parameters in the effects of each track in hermod. So I can control at the same time effect params in Hermod belonging to different tracks.

I got it working but only on the SELECTED TRACK ( midi channel 1 )

I tried to put every column of midi control under a different channel ( first column of knobs and slider to channel 2 , so it should target HERMOD midi track 1, and second column to channel 3 to it should target HERMOD midi track 2 and so on… ) but it’s not working.

Could someone help me?
I think it’d untap HUGE POWER in hermod!

have you set the midi channel on the track to the same ?
if midi channels work, then Id assume it would use the midi channel that is allocated to that track.
(there would not be any fixed mapping)

I’ll try this later, as Id like to know if midi channel is being used.

if midi channel is not being used, then why not just use different CC numbers for different tracks.
thats what I would do :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick replay!

The truth’s that it was my fault, I was plugin the controller to Ableton, and sending from ableton to hermod, the problem I had is that Ableton “per track” only allows sending to one midi channel.
So now, with something like this is already working:
Captura de pantalla 2021-05-31 a las 17.40.18

Thanks anyway!

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cool, so mod matrix CC are filtered by the midi track channel on hermod…
that’s what I assumed/hoped would be the case :slight_smile:

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