Catching note values - useful?

there is this feature , when you hold a step it catches all values … velocity, trig-condition… and sets them as global default value.

This drives totally mad. Each time i checked the settings of a note i have to revert my desired default values back.

I’m just checking - do you find this useful and why?
If you need the exact values you can copy notes and changing the defaults is very easy.

At first, that really annoyed me too. Now I often find that quite useful.* … But not always! :grimacing: :sweat_smile:

Maybe it would be worth a feature request to be able to choose between e.g. “use selected note values” and “keep default note values” in the settings? :thinking:

*_ e.g. catching the values of existing notes can be very convenient.
Or inserting all accent drum notes at first, then ghost notes…

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i agree it can be convenient in the way you described

i already wrote the Squarp Support about my feature-request about an option to disable that

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when i 2nd + click on a note, i can actually really just check the values … the values are not catched then.

I would think 2nd + click should be the shortcut to catch the values.


Yes, that’s what I would prefer too. :+1:


when I first got it, it used to catch me out, but I got used to it.

so can’t say it bothers me now - and it is useful when you want to quickly copy notes around.
(In some ways, as it is now, is consistent with entering ‘new notes’… or I guess thats how I view it to avoid confusion)
that said, on the Octatrack, it’s (kind of) the other way around, and that doesn’t cause me issues either.

so yeah, I find the function very useful, but it wouldn’t really bother me to have it the the other way around. (or to leave it as is :laughing: )

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once i got used to it, it was fine. I also like how it dims the notes with different values.

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+1 for this.
Make it an option off course, so people who want to keep the current way can have it.