Can't change pattern length

Each time I change the selected pattern length it changes the track length so all the pattern on a track have the same length. The manual says it is possible to have a different length for each pattern. Any idea how to have independent length for each pattern?

yeah this work, however it only works if you have put something into the pattern

a pattern is not really created till it has some events, so if you are changing the length (or run mode) , whilst it empty, your really just changing the current length, not the pattern length.

this is kind of linked to how when you switch to a new/empty pattern it uses the current track details as a starting point (which is very handy) … you can see if a pattern pattern has actually been created as its got a dim light when you select patterns, if its off the pattern is not yet created.

anyway, harder to explain that see .
just try adding one note to each pattern , then change length, and it’ll work

note: it doesnt have to be a note, and you can even delete it afterwards, your just doing it to ensure there is a pattern to set the length on :slight_smile:

(btw: now hermod is released, Id recommend you make sure this is in the Pyramid category otherwise people might get confused about which product your talking about :wink: )


Thanks! @thetechnobear.