Can PYRAMID do 'chord repeat'?

I know it can arpeggiate smart pad chords but can it repeat the full unbroken smart chords as well? I think ‘ratcheting’ or ‘chord roll’ are other ways to describe the function. Anyway, if Pyramid can’t do it presently, Dear Squarp Team- please implement this feature😀. Thanks a lot!


I requested something similar a while a go:

something like a ‘GATE FX’, so you can gate the incoming MIDI note data (can be monophonic, but also polyphonic like smart chords). With the gate you can’t only repeat chords with a certain quantisation amount, but also change the duration of the ‘gate time’, like we have now in the arpeggiator.

Maybe not exactly what you’re looking for,

but meanwhile you can try to make a chord with the harmonizer FX and then use the repeat function of the Live mode?

But that’s just a solution for one chord each time (or up to 4 if you insert 4 slots of harmoniser FX and automate the ON/OFF as well).

If you want to be able to do it more quickly and with more different chords after each other, it’s another story…

You can try to play the chords on your keyboard in live mode with repeat on?

Or, if your live playing isn’t that great, have a track playing the (smart) chords and sending it’s MIDI out to the input of another track with LIVE mode in repeat mode (watch out for MIDI loops)!

Good luck

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Hey thanks for the suggestions. I have a few ideas but it will most likely require another piece of equipment so I get a performance recorded rather than program everything. Ideally though I would just like to have each smart chord repeat for as long as it’s held down with selectable timing intervals. Hopefully SQUARP can add the feature someday. Thanks again.

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I’m pretty sure the Hermod already has a ratchet effect - can’t they just bring that one over?


This would be nice.