Can I Create Global Automation Hapax

I am using song mode 4 sections
I want to be able to open filter only on the last section
was thinking that it would be an
8 bar automation doing cc to filter cutoff
to do this

Yes you can do that if you use 2 tracks, one for automation and another for the notes.

This way you can have the same note clip for all the sections and simple turn on the automation clip on the other track for the last section.

If you just one to use one track you can have to duplicated slips with the same notes and then add the automation to one of them to use it on the last section.


Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:
gonna give it a try today!
I am also a bit confused on using the
nrpm (non registered parameter numbers)
I tried but could not put in the info correctly
Say envelope decay is
nrpm 1056 then it says
nrpm msb 08H (cc #99)
nrpm lsb 20H (cc #98)
I am using a UDO synth as a sound source
If you have any ideas of how to approach this
to make use of it, would greatly appreciate it

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