Can I control Pyramid functions with foot controller?

Hello, I apologize for my lack of knowledge here.

Is it possible to control the functions on the pyramid with a midi foot controller?

I have:

  1. pyramid
  2. Behringer fcb1010 midi foot controller and
    2a) various pc editors/librarians for the fcb1010

I hope to use the fcb1010 to control the pyramid, but I don’t know how to start.

Thank you, any help is much appreciated.

What do you want to control?

EDIT to add:
Apologies for the brevity of my first response. heh (cell phone, fat fingers, small screen, etc)

You can control lots of stuff on the Pyramid with MIDI.
Think about what functions on the Pyramid do you want to control.
Some examples:

  • Modulate an Effect with a pedal or knob
  • Enable/Disable an effect
  • Start/Stop a Sequence
  • Mute/Unmute Tracks
  • Change Sequences

Oh hell - way too many options.

I’d give you examples of what I do, but that might be a bit of overkill. heh
Think about how you want to relate to the Pyramid, what you don’t have an extra hand for, or perhaps groups of actions that you’d like to integrate into a pedal press or similar interface.

Edit AGAIN to add:
It also depends on how you interface with your Pyramid. It’s tough to find 2 people who use their Pyramid the same way, so that is important.

I guess: Dream it - Dream how you are interacting with your music, and then see if you can put that into MIDI commands. It’s exciting!


Thanks @CreepyPants, I definitely hear you on figuring out what to control before trying to control it.

I’ve been using the pyramid and the two analog footswitches with an electronic drumset, and I’ve been using the other pyramid functions via the on -board knobs and buttons.

My midi knowledge is taxed when assigning a mod wheel to a different parameter, or changing presets on a rackmount synth via the controller I’m using, but I have done it.

Every other unit I’ve used has a midi pc or cc chart that I can reference for setup, but I can’t find, or figure out how to map, for the pyramid.

Also, I know that many devices have a “learn” function, but I’ve never been able to make that technique work.

I figure that I am missing something rudimentary here, but I don’t know what it is.

Thanks again

EDIT: I am mostly using the live section of the pyramid and would like to address that first. I’m sure that once the ball gets rolling on setting up the midi footswitch, all of the other features will be easy.

I don’t know if this will help, but I tend to use or think of a controller for my Pyramid as a sort of ‘macro’ player that automates several commands - as simple as toggle multiple Tracks without bothering with a new Sequence.

Im with you on the Implementation Chart. I usually start there.

I dislike ‘Learn’ functions, myself. I know what CC or Note # I want to input, but I have to use a “learn” feature, so I have a device set up with simple CC’s that I tend to use to just send that data in to ‘learn’. But I know that’s how everyone else does it. heh

So: Live.
What do you want to do Live? Turn On/Off several Tracks together? Modulate or Activate/Deactivate an Effect Parameter? Start/Restart Sequences? When you’re performing, what do you need a third hand to do?

So you have an electronic drumset. Kool. You just need to change patches in between songs? Or do you need to send data during a performance of a song?

I really wish more people would share their ‘how I do this thing that’s really weird and strange’ to help others imagine the possibilities.

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I’m imagining youre planning on using the Live Looper feature.

After listening to some of your music, I imagine you might use the FCB to control Sequence changes, or maybe patches (or both, of course), or even if you have a hand to start Sequences, you can add layers (Turn On/Off Tracks) with the food pedal buttons and the pedals could modulate things in Effects or send CC data to modulate synths.

But as I mentioned: It all comes down to how you relate to what you do, how you do it, and what makes sense to you.