Can Hermod send Clock Transport start / stop?

From the manual it sounds like Hermod can only receive such signals? I need a signal at start only to reset my René 2.0‘s sequencer to the start position when my digitakt starts playing (goes into Hermod, Hermod clock out into Tempi! Tempi into René)

Is that possible somehow?

I found a way to set up the René 2.0 accordingly. I just need the Hermod to send a gate ONCE when I hit start. Is that possible somehow?

What happens if you send a second gate pulse into the start jack of the Rene?
Does it re start? Does it stop? Does anything happen?

If I recall the Rene correctly you can send it a start pulse, and an additional one does nothing.
In which case (even if it restarts) then a track with the appropriate length and time signature should do the job without having to worry about it.

I also seem to recall (and this could be totally wrong) that simply sending a clock into Rene will start it.
So you could perhaps program a clock track with Hermod and sequence it appropriately for when you wish to play the Rene beside Hermod, and stop the clock when you do not.

This way you can manually program the clock pulses, and get a lot of interesting things going on…

But to be direct, I don’t think there’s a way to have the pulse to start only happen once without creating a track for this, and then muting it after it’s played and started Rene.

To my knowledge the René only has a RESET command via CV, not start command. So I need a signal that is only sent ONCE or the sequence will reset multiple times. Ok, if it would always reset after 16 bars and everything was 16 bars long that wouldn‘t be too bad.

At the moment I configured the René to reset all 3 sequences if it gets a gate on the Z-CV input and hit the Mutable Instruments EARS (GATE out connected to René) with my finger the moment I hit PLAY on my Digitakt. It works most of the time.

René always runs, at least with my TEMPI being in front of it. Tempi keeps the last clock running even if that clock stops, and I need the Tempi to be in front of the René to be able to change the René‘s clock fast on the fly.

@ForAiur did you ever figure out a way to send a single gate/trigger when you hit start? I would like to do the same thing… thanks!

You can do this with via Settings > CV Clock Out

GATE 1 to GATE 8 : program one of the gate output to act as a global clocking output (if you want to use more than one clock, you can use the gate signal of a pattern as a clock). G1+RESET to G8+RESET : Hermod will output a RESET signal on the CV output (together with the clock on the GATE output), helping your modules to keep the sync when PLAY is pressed. G1+RUN to G8+RUN : outputs 5V on the CV output if Hermod is playing, and 0V if Hermod is stopped.

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