Can Hapax record multiple tracks at once?

I’m wondering if there’s any way to record multiple incoming MIDI streams/channels through the MIDI input setting for each track, simultaneously, to these tracks. So if track 1 listens to MIDI port A channel 10, and so on, you can record on several at once?

Thanks! I ordered the Hapax almost immediately yesterday and looking forward to it as a Pyramid owner for three years. :slight_smile: so I’m not doubting it, just wondering!


As far as I have been able to figure out----- There is no multi-track recording option available for the HAPAX like there is on the Pyramid. This is the biggest deal-breaker for me right now, hoping it gets updated soon, along with combination midi-outs.



I’ve raised this with Squaro already, so hoping it will be In firmware update


So mrtuna, They didn’t send you one as a Beta tester or reviewer? They should have. It was your videos using the Pyramid that convinced me to get one. I have my setup similar to yours where I jump from synth to synth and just lay down individual tracks without having to stop. So much fun!!!

Thanks!! :+1:


It was suggested to me that Multitracking should be added in a future update as well as multiple MIDI outs coming as an effect function. For now Im totally okay with it hanging out on the coffee table letting me get to know it on it’s own with some small pieces of gear, and really looking forward to see what it can do with a multi-track update. I didn’t end up as a beta-tester, but Squarp did make sure that I got my chance to order one from the first batch which was very kind.


i also would love to see this, to use the machine as midi fx for incoming notes on different channels…

I can already do this… if they are live.

the limitation is currently multitrack recording.

again send FR, if this is something you need.

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yea, sorry my fault… input setting on every track :slight_smile:


Still crossing my fingers that this gets implemented soon :pray:

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Wondering if this is on the roadmap? I use a modular to create patterns for a Rytm Mk1 and am hoping to record all the tracks simultaneously.

I was told by Squarp at launch that this was a planned feature but I havent heard word one about it since then— Still using my Pyramid in the meantime!


Crossing my fingers this still might actually happen one day :crossed_fingers::pensive:


Is there a workaround for this? I am considering buying a Hapax and would like to use it to record multi channel MIDI for editing/arranging.

Just bumping this up, I know we’ve been advised it is on the to do list, but I think this is a core feature that would be good to push to the roadmap asap.

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Hi. Does anyone know if this must have functionality is already on the roadmap ?

Last I talked to Squarp it was still a part of the plan, it was even suggested to me that it would be included as a part of the ‘features’ update that was forth-coming, but I pop online every few months to check and see if its been added or if there’s any new word.

Still got good hope for it… I can’t replace the Pyramid in my studio until this feature is added!

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It looks like we got our Holiday gift from Squarp for multi-track recording.

Yep thankfully