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I purchased the pyramid a few months ago, and for me, it has been a completely amazing and inspirational device - a joy to use and a complete game changer.

I do however have problems with the build. My first unit the main encoder broke after 3 weeks. The replacement has a damaged track pad. Is there zero QC at squarp? With shipping and duties I have had to spend over 1000$ on a unit that is still damaged.

For the price, I dont feel the fit and finish is adequate - cheap knob caps etc. Such a shame and a let down on an otherwise perfect design. I have vintage and current equipment from many makers, and cant figure out why squarp isn’t equivalent to something like the oto bam/bim etc? - surely the internals on these units are more costly to source and assemble?

Regardless, I love the unit, community and workflow - I think its genius - I just wish they’d done a better job on the build.

Am I just unlucky or are there similar experiences with it? Sorry if this comes off negatively, it is very frustrating when a well researched purchase turns out to be a lemon. Even if it is an amazing lemon…

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got mine in December and other than the Save function hanging up once, eating a track, mine has been rock solid using at home for some basic sequencing. i guess the encoder buttons could be made with some heavier duty plastics (maybe Hapax’s new encoders will improve on them) but overall super happy

my new one with the damaged trackpad has lots of save issues, guess i need to troubleshoot. maybe ive just been unlucky. the knob caps are easily replaceable - I want to put on the oto ones - but when I first touched them I was pretty shocked at how cheap they felt. Still, the code and interface is a work of art - love it.

I have had a Pyramid for over 5 years and have genuinely had no problems with the build quality.

There was an issue with the encoder caps, where they wouldn’t allow you to push down to ‘click’ but this was fixed by putting in some paper or blu-tak inside the caps and they worked fine after that, basically was to do with the lift between the cap and the front panel. Ironically the old Mk2 knob caps were replaced with the ones on the Mk3 because of these problems, but obviously didn’t fully go away.

I have never had any other issues at all, though, and I used it solidly in those 5 years, and even took it on tour.

What was the issue with the track pad? I barely used mine, but whenever I did, it worked.

The track pad is dented in, it just arrived like that. It functions, but I am a little obsessive about this type of thing, so it affects my enjoyment of using the unit - I’m overly aesthetic. I’ll probably try get it repaired by squarp when Im back in Europe. I enjoy working on it so much - I wish Id got it years ago. I dont use the trackpad that much either - need to figure out a way to incorporate it more.

I’ve never had an issue with build quality - it’s worked for years now.

If you have an issue with a new unit. I’d return it to where you bought it and ask for a replacement… in particular if it’s a retailer I’d fear they are passing on units that have been returned.
If it’s from Squarp directly, then I’d contact them.

All companies / products have the odd one slip through that’s sub par - that’s not an issue , it’s how the company handles it that’s important.

My experience ( and if you read this forum , you’ll see it oft repeated) is Squarp’s support is exceptional - so give them the chance to make it right.

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the issue I have is i bought it in the us whilst i was there,the main encoder broke within a few weeks so I sent it back, as id moved the replacement had to be sent to mexico, so it ended up costing me over 300$ in the extra duties and shipping. The new unit has a dented track pad. so if i return again the unit will end up costing over 1300$ in total. My situation has meant that its really screwed me as both units have been defective or damaged and Ive lost money. So Im really unhappy. I bought it from perfect circuit in LA. I may be moving or visiting paris in the next few months, so maybe it is possible to get it fixed that way. 2 lemons in a row is pretty frustrating - especially as it has quickly become key for my workflow.

Perfect Circuit is reasonably responsive to customer service requests, in my experience (as long as you aren’t asking them to price match)

though for $1300 (less than $1000 really) I’d maybe upgrade to the Hapax at this point unless you’re super married to the Pyramid workflow and want a pristine device

Yes, perfect circuit are great. But this is the 2nd faulty unit i have received, and I’d have to pay duties again as I am not longer in the USA. Im trying to send it back for a full refund. It’d mean a loss of 300$ if I do this as I had to pay duties on the first replacement, but Its really stressing me out tbh. If I return it, yes, Id probably go for the hapax - though the pyramid form factor is so good! Definitely want to stay with squarp - the workflow is so logical and beautifully thought out! Guess Ive just been super unlucky. Thank you all for your help and advice - the squarp community is great!

yeah, seems rather odd (or unlucky ?!) that you got two faulty units…

retailer is (unfortunately in your case) usual place to deal with such things (esp. as they can do refunds etc) - if you’re not able to return to the retailer, I’d try contacting Squarp via the contact form and see if they can help you.

anyway, hope you get it sorted out one way or another.

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Thankfully perfect circuit have agreed to a refund due to all my visa issues and duties/shipping costs, i’ll get another pyramid when Im back in europe (or a hapax - not sure yet). Ive looked at a lot of the competition, and theres nothing that I think will be as good for me - I really enjoyed the pyramid - fingers crossed I was just unlucky (twice!). Thank you all for your help and support - and sorry if Ive appeared negative.

Not that it would have changed anything to do with my problems, but I do still think the knob caps are not very nice quality and make the unit feel less premium, so I’ll be buying replacements when I get a new unit.

Again, thank you to this great community!


On a side note, if you send a unit to US for repair, you shouldn’t have to repay custom duties.

This need to be properly declare when you send the unit back so their is a bit of paperwork involve.
I add to do this to send my Tetra for repair to Sequential a year ago.

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Great information to have Domo, thank you! I think Im getting a full refund and will now probably wait to get a Hapax when they are available in Europe - I’m always moving around so its always such a pain if things break/are faulty. But Im missing the pyramid a lot!

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