Build a song using the grid

It would be awesome if there came a possibility to build a song in a linear way, by placing patterns on the grid (just like the arranger in Deluge).

That would make it much more fun to build a song and also much quicker and you get a more visual overview of what plays when.

Also it opens up possibilities of selecting a section of the song and loop only that section, or jump to a different section while playing.

It would also allow for recording your performance (launching patterns) into a song.

Please send feature requests via contact form.

Allright, I did!

Also made a sketch how it would look like:



I also would like this feature. The Hapax has a lot of sequencing features that the Deluge doesn’t.

But the more abstract way of building a song on Hapax (based on the videos I’ve seen), using menus to select sections, is to me much less intuitive (and as Maarten said less “fun”) than working in a spatial dimension.

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