Bug when changing instrument definitions?

Hi peeps! I wrote this in a mail to Squarp directly as well, but wondering if any of you can see if I’ve done something wrong somewhere, or if anyone has experienced anything similar.

I’ve come across a couple of bugs when trying to load instrument definitions into Pyramid. I had a few instrument definition files on my SD card, but wanted to change the list (to discard some CC numbers, as I never use them), so I edited the list on my computer, deleted the old instrument definition file on the sd card and loaded in the new instrument definition file.

Two things occured - the old instrument definition file name showed up on the Pyramid screen (even though I double checked that I had changed the name of the .txt - I had changed it from Analog4 to A4, and “Analog4” showed up - this from a new project). Also, when loading the new def file, the CC values of another instrument definition showed up (that of Digitone). I double checked the .txt file on the SD-card, and I had definitely changed it and not mixed it with the Digitone numbers.

I reckon I could just format the SD card and load in the new definitions, and I’ll be fine, but there might come a time when I have more stuff saved on the SD card and I don’t want to format it (and say add another instrument definition).

Anyone experienced this?

OK, so the name thing was just me renaming the .txt file and not the name in the actual .txt file. :stuck_out_tongue:

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did you by any chance give both the a4 and digitone the “channel:0” setting in their def files, and put them on the same midi output (both on A or both on B)? this may cause a collision of CCs across instruments, if I remember correctly


Yep! Thanks. I basically figured it out two seconds before I saw you reply. :slight_smile: I think that’s it. I made a definition file targeting just channel 1, and thought I could just manually target the other channels and still have the CC’s intact, but no luck with that.

Hmm, I wish there were space for more instrument definitions, as I want one for each channel of all the Elektrons (to be able to modulate every sound on say the Rytm), hah. Oh, well.

Thanks! :slight_smile: