[Bug or maybe feature?] "Velocity sensitive" manual triggering?

Hey all, I’m new here but I’ve had my Rample for about 4 months now. Great module, but yesterday it had some odd behavior going on that I actually kind of liked… until it stopped doing it at all.

When testing out kits, I came across one with a sample that seemed to respond in a “velocity sensitive” way to a manual trigger. The kit that began exhibiting this behavior is default loaded as O0 on the SD card that comes with the module. What I mean by “velocity sensitive” is, when I held down “listen” and pressed button 3 at a rate of once per second, essentially no sound was output. The VU Meter (set to wave mode, btw) agreed with this lack of volume. However, pushing twice a second or more slowly increased the volume of the sample in a way similar to how you’d expect MIDI “velocity sensitive level” control to work. The VU Meter responded accurately, by showing up about halfway full if I pressed the button many times in quick succession. Before anyone asks, default kit O0 only has one layer per voice, so it’s not that it was set to a different layer playback mode and triggering different layers of essentially the same sound (I know some of the kits are sampled drumkits that actually do have some amount of “velocity sensitive” functionality built into them so that they can be a little humanized).

The next couple kits I loaded (O1 through O5) all acted the same exact way, where the frequency of button pushes led to a louder sound for each individual voice. Once I loaded O6 to see if the same thing would happen, it stopped happening entirely. Curious, I switched back to O0 and tried the third sample (the first one that exhibited this behavior), and it did not act that way anymore. Now the rest of the kits I mentioned also don’t act that way. Is there a setting I somehow missed that can affect how frequency of triggering a sample affects the volume of that sample? Keep in mind I had no CV assignments OR MIDI inputs whatsoever. The only connections on the module were the individual outputs of each voice to individual inputs on my mixer module.

I recall that I also wanted to see if the same thing happened if I sent it external triggers, so I sent it a square wave LFO when the behavior was still occurring, and, at low rates, it barely produced a sound, whereas increasing the LFO rate led to increasing volume/level of the sample at output (as well as triggering the sample more often, obviously). I’ve already checked several settings that could have perhaps had some effect here, namely envelope and playback mode. Neither of them were offset from the default “midpoint” setting.

Is this a bug? Is it a feature that I don’t know how I even accessed? Has anyone else experienced this? Thank you in advance for the help. I wish I could make it happen again, as it seemed kind of cool, actually.

I apologise that you took the time to document many steps that I can’t seem to follow.
Sorry, I’m not smrt. :wink:

However, when the Rample was acting ‘curious with little ability to document a series of steps to reproduce it in a completely WTAF manner’ for me, I found that reformatting the SD card and reloading the audio data fresh from Squarp (not a copy from the card) repaired the issues.

Also, checking to ensure you’re running the latest OS at this time would be excellent.

Note: I’ve only had to do that once, and it was with a previous OS.

All that being said, yeah - you can set an SP to be responsive to Velocity to select the Layer, but from what I think I’m reading you were experiencing Velocity sensitivity using the buttons the Rample itself…? Whut? I’d be amazed if the buttons on the Rample itself were Velocity Sensitive.

Also, Velocity can select Layers if the Rample and the Kit are set for this.

I loaded up O0 and I can’t duplicate what you’re describing with the frequency of triggering the SPs from the Rample.

I’d start with the OS update (if necessary) and doing the SD Card reformat thing.
And if you make your own kits, I believe powering down the Rample before removing the SD Card is preferred - or just my overly a-r adherence to process minutiae

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