BUG in OS 3.0? - Pasting sequences

Anyone else having problems pasting sequences?

I’m sometimes only able to paste sequences to empty slots, so I have to delete the sequence in the destination slot before pasting in a given sequence. Or choose an already blank one. If I don’t, it doesn’t copy the information correctly.

Other times I copy/paste to slot but one of the tracks is suddenly playing the wrong pattern.

Very frustrating when trying to move sequences around…

Is it just me, or is it like this for everyone?

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It’s a bug and it will be fixed.

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Yes . all times since the option of copy/pasting sequences went out.
Also … I suffer the fact there is no way to make “space in between the sequences”.
Let’s say you want to operatw in the seq4 but there are sequences busy all over around and, to can arrive to that task, the moving, copying , pasting, in order to can finally work on this 4th sequence, its just enormous.

need that too