Bug: Clock in on startup never loads project

I have an issue with the Hermod v1.10 where if there is a clock present on startup then Hermod won’t autoload the previous project.

The problem specifically is coming because I have an Octatrack connected to the Hermod and is the master clock. The Octatrack is always broadcasting a clock (even when stopped). This causes the Hermod to not load. If I turn off the clock in the Octatrack settings or disconnect the Midi cable then the project loads.

@squarpadmin will this be fixed soon? Is super annoying to have to plug/unplug a midi cable every time I boot up my modular.

I have the same issue.

Yes same issue here with the latest firmware. If a project is slaved to midi clock and a midi cable providing that clock is plugged in, then the autoload gets stucked on startup.

My Hermod does in this case what he should do on startup: Loading an playing the previous project. My master is the MPC Live, connected via MIDI with the Hermod.
A former Problem is also solved with V. 1.10 : Previously he couldn´t manage a sequence-chain in Slave-Mode, he stucked, now he does this without additonal help and works VERY FINE.
Good work, SQUARPIES !

Maybe a problem of your MIDI-Master? In my Case was this ( before V. 1.10 ) the MPC Live

Great that it works for you. It is clear the MPC Live doesn’t send a continuous clock when stopped. The Octatrack does however* and the problem is Hermod doesn’t like a clock present when it boots. Instead it crashes.

So great, they fixed one problem, but created another. So far it’s silence from @squarpadmin so maybe this gets fixed… maybe it doesn’t. Hard to really know if we’re talking to ourselves here.

For me the simple solve is switch the Octatrack on once the Hermod has booted.

Kid Y

* This is useful if you have tape delay style effects on any devices as it avoids the 'spinning up’ effect that can happen when the delay resumes to a new clock.

Very interesting, this phenomena, but not good for you. Didn´t know about the differences in clock-sending. I´m sorry for you.

Hi !

This issue is fixed. You will have this fix as soon as the new HermodOs version is available.



Thank you!! :pray: