"bouncing" multiple tracks

Hello Squarpoids! I’m new here and new to the pyramid, though I’m having great times with it’s POWER!

I have a question if something is possible, if not, why not ? :wink:

I’ve been having lots of fun with Euclidean sequencing, having different notes and rythmes on different tracks, but sending the data to the same output/midi channel. This is creating some excellent melodies that interact in interesting ways. I’d like to then “bounce” what is generated down to a single track/pattern. I’m sure I could output the data and record into a DAW, though I was wondering if this could be done internally as I’d like to step away from the DAW and hopefully can do this just on the pyramid alone.

Does anyone here have experience with this and is it possible? I’m aware you can do it for individual tracks, but to consolidate/“bounce” several tracks to one, would be superb. What sayeth thee?

The workaround is to physically record the output into the input, but turn midi echo off so that you don’t get a feedback loop. Ghetto solution, I agree, but it does work.


I was wondering if that would be do-able, though I thought it could be an issue and create strange data and like you say, midi feedback. Nice work around though and will take me to the next level, which I’m loking forward to! Cheers

You can avoid feedback by going into the Midi In menun setting Midi echo to Stop Echo, then going into Midi out, and make sure that midi ports A and B are set to Out and not Thru or Out and Thru when you are rerecording the midi from one of the physical outputs. Of course you’ll probably want tot turn that stuff back on if you use a keyboard controller, or anything else in front of the Pyramid in your midi chain.