BMTP Rample Script

I suck at documenting, but I did a bit of it.
Might consider making entry of some packed variables easier.
Here’s the BMTP Script I use for the Rample (well, since I’ve had the Rample set up which is something like 5 days)

This BMTP script does the following:

  • Takes notes across the whole MIDI Keyboard and outputs them to the Rample as follows:
  1. C -1 -> C1 goes to the Note set for SP1, but pitched across 2 octaves
  2. C2 -> C4 goes to the Note set for SP2, pitched across 2 octaves
  3. C5 -> C7 to SP3, pitched
  4. C8 -> G9 to SP4, pitched
  • Designed to be used with the Rample set in Layer>Velocity mode, except that Layer selection is via four user definable CC’s (default 1 -> 4 for SP1 -> SP4 respectively)

  • Played/Sequenced Velocity (that is, the velocity value being sent to the Rample through the script) is ripped off the Note Event and translated to CC msgs for Envelope and Level

Uses two Aliases: _RAMPLE CONTROL for Incoming port & _RAMPLE for Output port; both set at the Preset Level

ALSO: on routing incoming Note Event Velocity to Envelope and Level is not a 1:1. Since the Rample sets 63 as the breakpoint between positive influence and negative influence, the script allows you set what Velocity value gets translated to that outgoing value (default is that a played Velocity of 100 will yield an Envelope Value of 63, etc). Plus there is a Scale value, based in 10s - a value of 10 translates to a 1:1 ratio of Velocity Values vs Envelope/Level Values (ie, sending 105 for Velocity yields 68 for the CC value)

User defines:

  • Rample channel
  • Which notes Trigger SPs
  • Envelope & Level Breakpoints & Scale for each SP
  • Incoming CC#'s for controlling Layer (packed variable)

Requires MIDI Translator Pro (of course) or a BomeBox.
If you have the demo version, then modifying the INIT Translator will break it (or something - been so long since I used the demo version)

Right click & [Save As…] this link to get it: