BAR TRACKER - Problems and limits

  • The bar tracker: the little line that follows the time through the bar pages when we are in step-mode:

1 - happens to disappear from the bar number 16. WHat I’m making wrong?

2 - Do you remember how to set this bar tracker to follow the page without me to press on the arrows. I can’t remember and I seams I can’t find it anymore :frowning:

3 - Why ? @squarpadmin , why?
Why it still no possible to redefine the graphic of it? after the 16 bars, whatever, we don’t know where we are…
This still a blind game, and pretty primitive
It should be that after 16 bars we can still know where we are, not only from step mode but from every mode… like:
17|32 or 18|44 or 34|63 … this is just a little graphic adjustment.


…is funny cus, if incase this would be implemented, same people reading the tread would be the same telling: "woa, finally! I was needing it "

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yeah… this has been asked several times … for a long time (including on the old forum)
and it’s insane to realize that it’s still not there.
I mean… a midi sequencer that does not display the BAR currently being played?
really, it’s a very basic feature.

also, the graphic you are talking about only displays the “pages” (and not the bars)
which means that as soon as you are no longer in 4/4TS it doesn’t work anymore …

the tracking of pages has no musical value (a simple indication as in the piano roll, “1/64 … 9/64 … 10/64 …” for example, would suffice)
on the other hand, “a real BAR tracking” should be present on the MAIN screen

I believe I forgot this point on the “better UI” thread
I will add it!

EDIT: Done! :slight_smile:


Thank you to gather my thought.
You love your sequencer I see :stuck_out_tongue: