Automation per drum lane?


I just got Hapax a couple of days ago, it’s exactly what I wanted and I am super impressed, I can see it having a positive impac on my workflow already.

Do you think there is any chance of having a separate automation per drum lane? I am using Hapax with Analog Rhytm MK2 and that would be very handy.


Fellow Hapax & Analog Rytm Mk2 user here.

I know it’s not exactly what you’re asking, but you can handle automation needs by locking parameters on performances on the AR, and automating the performances from Hapax. There are 12 performances on the AR so you could easily set up multiple volume levels/filtering/fx for different drum sounds needed.

In addition, AR allows 12 scenes with different parameter locks so there’s a lot of ground already covered with those. Scenes can be selected by Midi CC.


Can’t you automate each voices parameters separately? What do you mean by per drum lane? You’re going to be limited by the limitations of midi. CCs are CCs and they won’t be tied to voices. Only things like velocity or MPE are per-voice modulation.

I did put in a feature request to squarp for how parameter locks could work on the hapax step sequencer, which in drum mode I think could be really convenient for mapping things out to specific rows. I don’t think they’ve planned it out for any upcoming version but they told me it was an interesting concept and they would have a discussion about it.

Just tossing in my two cents here and agreeing. Right now it seems like the only way to have parameter locking on rytm while using the hapax is to just sequence separately on the rytm and just sent program changes to patterns from the hapax.

The hapax already allows drum lanes to be on separate midi channels. The problem is the “channel used for automation” limit.

I’ve thought of having a small midi device (like this: in front of the rytm to split incoming CCs onto different channels.

that would be super intresting to do. parameter locks on AR are getting wasted otherwise on drum tracks

I have s teensy based 8x8 midi merger/splitter/filter/does everything device similar to the pico one, its absolutely brilliant as you code it yourself so can make it do anything you like. Definitely recommend something similar as its so full of possibilities, easy to stop weird midi bugs (sp404 has awful control implementation) route the clock wherever you like, ignore midi from certain devices or modify what is sends. I love the thing.

I have the teensy 8x8 as well although I’m currently using it as a simple usb midi device to extend a mioXL. It is a very nice board. I wanted to give the pico a try since it is much less expensive for something simple like routing midi.