Automation lane length

Is it possible to change the length of an automation lane?

This would enable some nice polymeter effects where some parameter (like filter cutoff, octave shift or envelope decay) changes with a different pattern length than the main melodic pattern.

Also, it would be cool if each automation step could contain a probability for wether the automation is sent or not.

I have the Korg Wavestate and Modwave, and having some of the features from the wave/motion sequencer in those synths in a hardware sequencer like the Hapax would be awesome.


Here’s a “jamtorial” where I use these techniques on the Wavestate.

If I’m understanding you correctly it is very possible.

You can use any of the 16 tracks for any types of MIDI data, so you could have different tracks of different lengths sending different CC values or what have you, so they will be running on their own polyrhythms. Of course, you will use up tracks quite quickly if you do this loads, but having 2 or 3 ‘Automation only’ tracks running in addition to note data would be fine.

I did something very similar to this on my Pyramid, actually.

Unfortunately if you mean to change the length of an automation lane within an existing track, that is no possible, the track is one length for all data. But basically the Wavestate is essentially running 6 tracks at once (plus master) so it’s much closer to the above.

Obviously you won’t be able to change the timing per step per track as you can on the Timing lane, either, that functionality does not exist in Hapax.

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Thanks! So, multiple tracks can send midi to the same midi channel. I didn’t think of that option. Sounds great.

And reading through the manual, I see that you can have (if I understood it correctly) up to 7 independent LFOs per track, and each of those could send a different midi CC. So I could easily at the same time modulate filter cutoff, envelope decay, and other stuff with the track LFOs on the Hapax. There’s even a random LFO that can retrigger per note. So it seems like it can definitely move into wavestate/modwave-style wave/motion sequencing and modulation territory. That’s really powerful!

Being able to change start and end point for each automation lane is still on my wishlist :-).

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