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Hello! I’m interested, if I have touchosc mk2 and connect it to pyramid will be there ability to record all actions from touchosc like automation? For instance if I have sliders, faders, X/Y can I loop record all of them to sequence, let’s say 4 bars loop? And how many if it is possible? Also will be there feedback exchange between them so I’ll be able to see changes from pyramid on TouchOsc? My main goal is to use is as a brain for CC automation looping/sequencing device, not only with TouchOsc but with other gear too.

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Apologies in advance regarding my response: i do not use nor am familiar with TouchOSC outside of what I gleaned from a quick review of their product. It seems like an excellent tool.

The Pyramid can record MIDI Events. If you are sending MIDI Events and configure both devices properly, I don’t see why you would not be able to do this.

The Pyramid records incoming MIDI data, and can also be configured to operate Track Mutes and control Pyramid’s MIDI FX.

If you can translate what you’re asking into Pyramid functions, then the likely answer is yes.

This is a more complex question. Natively there is no communication standard for the Pyramid to tell other devices what it is doing. However, the function of the Pyramid sending data out can be monitored and routed where ever you desire, irrespective of what musical devices are receiving data.

However, in my experience I find it easier to avoid feedback from the Pyramid and use my devices to relate to themselves. That is, if I’m sending a value of 64 to a MIDI CC, then my feedback mechanism lights the LEDs to 50% of the column.

Note: I do not use the Pyramid controls (encoders, pads, touchpad) to control anything once my projects are completed. Everything except the [Play] button is controlled via external gear. For using PyraMIDI, I use a button box and a BomeBox which translates my actions to PyraMIDI then handles the status feedback to the LEDs in the button box. Also you can use a separate MIDI Channel to control specific MIDI FX controls and/or Master Effect parameters via the Assign functions.

So, does TouchOSC send out a series of MIDI CC commands that you want routed to different sources via the Pyramid? I"m confused as to what you wish to do with the Pyramid. Perhaps if no one with TouchOSC can help you, you can refine your query wrt Pyramid functions and I will try to respond.

I would suggest starting with reading the Pyramid Manual, especially the MIDI Implementation Chart and the Assign sections. These will guide you as to what MIDI input the Pyramid responds to and what you can control.

Good luck!

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Hey! Appreciate so detailed answer! I’m live-looping artist. I have looper, samplers, FX processors, Launchpad. Only one thing I’m missing is option to loop automation for effects(filters, phasers, distortions and etc) and sequencing/automate CC messages, convert note so CC. I have found that the pyramid is solution to finish the puzzle. TouchOsc is not priority for now, but I’m thinking for future ways to implement pyramid into my setup.

If I understood correctly, I’m able to record or pre-record up to 64 automation tracks per project, with different measures and time signatures.

Well, the fun thing about electronic music is that we all get to define our workflow and relationship to our gear.

The most annoying thing about electronic music is that we all get to define our workflow and relationship to our gear, so getting advice to approach a complex topic when you know what you’re doing can be amazingly frustrated.

Plus, I’m not terribly bright. Sorry.

But your description sounds quite inspiring. From what I picture what you’re doing, then I can see exactly how Pyramid can fit in with it and it’s exciting.

I’ve never used the Live Looper for only CC msgs, but I don’t see why that’s any different. I’m not sure if the Live Looping requires Note Events, but I don’t really use the Live Looper. (I do more of a live arranging thing with MIDI Clips, CC controls, and extensive event processing)

If I’m picturing it: You have a track playing of, let’s say, Note Events triggering some melody/arpeggio/samples/etc and you want to hit [Record] on the Pyramid, do some live modulation that sends CC data to the Pyramid and then off to your device. Then when you’ve reached the end of what you wanted to express, you let that continue to loop in whatever meter you had “played” it in.

OR - You want to input MIDI Note data and have the Pyramid record and/or output CC Data. Just as easy as the first bit.

OR - you can premake some CC Modulations and trigger those in Loop or One Shot.

All these things and more are available to you, will take some work, but I would love to see this done. (As in: if you do this, please post a video!)

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As I’m picturing it: I have CC1 assigned to knob or XY in pyramid, then I assign same CC1 on my filter on FX unit and then when I’m rotating knob on pyramid it instantly rec this action and play it as loop. Maybe after rec I can tweak automation manually to be more precise.
But I think your answer is covering my needs in pyramid. I will dive more into manual. Definitely will record videos when I will have it!


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