Automating Pyramid Definition in Reaper/Ableton

Hi all, I have a couple of VSTs I use quite frequently in Ableton/Reaper and I find the workflow of manually mapping the parameter to a CC number in the DAW and then manually typing that parameter in a Pyramid definition file to be quite cumbersome. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for doing something like creating an automapping to incrementing CC numbers or something like that to map the exposed parameters in Reaper/Ableton to a definition file.

Thanks for any and all help/suggestions around this.

Hi. I apologise for responding, as I do not use Reaper and I do not usually control Ableton VSTs with Pyramid.

I do not quite understand what you are attempting to achieve. However, what it seems like you might be doing is an extra step which might be making things more cumbersome.

What it seems to me that you are doing is sending CC data to control VSTs in Ableton and you want to just increment each CC being sent for a MIDI Mapping in Ableton. You enter the CC info in a Defintion File on the Pyramid and then map the CC. Is that close?

If so, you do not need to write the CC info into a definition file for Pyramid to send the info - You can just set the CC# on the Pyramid, MIDI Map, set the next CC#, MIDI Map, etc.

Again: If this is what you are doing, a suggestion - Just set an encoder to send MIDI CC; map that to your VST control, make a note on scratch paper if you need. Then change the CC to the next value, Map it. Repeat as necessary. Now you have the VST responding to the CC msgs and some notes, so offline you can write the Definition File if necessary.

The Definition File is not required - to me it is a tool to help label CC#'s and standardise/shortcut some of the data we have to repetitively enter when setting up a Track.

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